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Museum and Collections Consulting Services
  • Collections Assessments (Collections curatorial health and profiling collections)
  • Preparation for and Moving Collections
  • Packing and Shipping Collections
  • Kinds of Collections (including non-specimen, e.g., archives, photographs, field books, etc.)
  • IPM (pest control and monitoring)
  • Specimen Storage/Housing and Container Design (dry, wet, slide, envelope, etc.)
  • Specimens processing and preparation
  • Specimen Conservation and Remediation
  • Collections Arrangement
  • Environmental Controls
  • Risk Management
  • Security
  • Permitting Issues
  • Outreach and Education
  • Exhibits
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Teaching Collections Management Practices
Entomology Only
  • Flea Beetle Identification (to genus, sometimes to species depending on geography)
  • Surveys (entomological collecting)
  • Flea Beetle Diversity Study (field and museum work on 5 continents)
  • Environmental consulting using insects, including freshwater habitats
  • Entomological editing
  • Entomology teaching, e.g., identification, natural history, etc.
David G. Furth

David G. Furth


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